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And So It Begins!

Last Friday, May 25th, I kicked off my Summer Reading Program season with the Wahoo Public Library! Carrie Trutna almost always has me kick off their Summer Reading Program and they're usually the first library I do each year. The first show went a lot more smoothly than I expected it to. There were just a few little glitches (mostly with the sound system when it came to playing music), but I handled everything in stride and received some great compliments about the new show.

The next library show is Thursday, May 31st at the Palmer Public Library in Palmer, Nebraska! I've never been to this library before and I'm VERY excited to make some new friends. Actually, there are several "new" libraries on my calendar this year. In the coming weeks I'll be performing for the first time at libraries in Scottsbluff, Silver City, Mitchell and Rapid City. Of course, I'm not forgetting my "old" friends. I'm looking forward to visiting the libraries that have me back year after year.

The next two months are going to be busy, hectic and FUN! I hope to see you sometime this summer!

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