In 2020, many libraries formulated an online Summer Reading Program due to COVID-19. That inspired me to produce a prerecorded, but personalized SRP magic show for libraries to put on their websites and social media pages. Here are some of the responses I received:

"I watched your video and I was super impressed. So professional and I loved the phone conversation at the beginning to make it personal. I think it's awesome." -Julie Jorgensen, Agnes Robinson Waterloo, Nebraska Public Library.

"This was amazing! Thank you so much!" -Karen Allen, Lawrence, Kansas Public Library.

"So someone spent the time to send me an e-mail instead of just commenting that they loved your video! It's had over 240 views since I put it up yesterday." -Carrie Trutna, Wahoo, Nebraska Public Library.

"We really enjoyed having you here in Emporia last summer and would love to have you back again!" -Lori Heller, Emporia, Kansas Public Library.

"As long as I am in charge of the Children's Department at the Columbus Public Library, you will ALWAYS be a part of our summer reading program."  -Brad Hruska, Columbus, Nebraska Public Library.


"You do such an incredible job and we'd sure love to have you back again this summer for a show, and for some magic classes this time."  -Cynthia Mason, Fargo, North Dakota Public Library.


"Several parents made a point of mentioning how much they enjoy Jeff Quinn's performance - "It's the highlight of our summer!" and "We've seen him three years, and each time he's terrific" were two of the comments shared with me."
-Kathryn Kelley, South Branch Library, Lincoln, Nebraska.


" As always, Jeff Quinn's show was awesome! We usually try to make it to one or more of his performances each summer."  -Letter from a patron to Abrahams Branch Library, Omaha, Nebraska.


What do the librarians at Kilgore Memorial Library in York, Nebraska have to say about Jeff Quinn?  Click and find out!

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