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Thank You So Much!

Wow! What a great summer it's been! I had the opportunity to visit libraries throughout Nebraska, North & South Dakota, Iowa and Kansas. Not only did I get to see a lot of library friends, but I also got to make some NEW library friends! I performed at about a half dozen new libraries this summer. The "Libraries Rock" Summer Reading Program theme was certainly a fun one. The show got terrific reviews in both the Fremont, Tribune and the newspaper in Scottsbluff Star-Herald.

This show was one of the most labor-intensive shows I've ever done. I had three tables PLUS a major illusion where I walked through a sheet of solid steel. It seems like every year I try to make my show bigger and more elaborate. Next year is no exception. I'm going to SHOOT FOR THE STARS with an all-new space-themed Summer Reading Program magic show. As of this writing, the show is about 75% complete. I'm having a couple of items custom built so that they'll go along with the space theme.

Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience when this show blasts off next summer!

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