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"All Together Now"

If your library is using the CSLP theme in 2023, you'll love this theme. The premise is that the entire audience has to join together to make the magic show work. Whether it's a single person volunteering or the entire crowd shouting magic words, everybody gets to contribute to make this amazing magic show a success! It's a lot of fun and everyone will leave believing that it really was THEIR magic show...and that I just helped a little bit.

"Find Your Voice"

If your library is utilizing the iREAD theme for your Summer Reading Program, this show fill fit in perfectly. EVERYBODY will get their voices heard as they give their input to the show. I'll also brieflly explain about how I'm so grateful that I was able to find my voice by performing magic and I encourange everyone to fine their own voice. At the end of the show, everyone will believe that their voice mattered in creating a fun and unique show.

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