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A New Record!

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am.

I am on the verge of breaking a record. Well, sort of. In 2020 I had 74 library shows on my Summer Reading Program schedule. That was an all-time high for me. But then, we all know what happened that year, and I wound up only doing 4 or those 74 shows. But the fact remains I HAD 74 SHOWS SCHEDULED!!!!!

As of yesterday, I have tied that number. I'm scheduled to do 74 shows at 67 libraries throughout the Midwest. Plus, I have 3 libraries who are finalizing plans and will (hopefully) be getting in touch with me this week. Can I get 80 shows? That would be wonderful! Plus, it's entirely possible. Although my calendar is filling in, I do have several dates wide open as well as some libraries looking for other libraries to partner with them. Right now I have openings in east and central Nebraska, all over Iowa, northern Kansas and west and central South Dakota.

If you're considering bringing me in to your library, please contact me as soon as you can. As you can see, my availability is already very limited and it won't be long before I start getting calls from summer schools, camps and child care facilities that will certainly fill in more of those time slots.

This is a great sign that things are starting to get "back to normal" and I want to thank all of the libraries who have already scheduled me for this summer. It's going to be an amazing Summer Reading Program!

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