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Catching My Breath

Wow! You libraries have sure kept me busy this summer!

It started on May 25th at the Winside, NE Public Library and ended on August 3rd at the Onawa, IA Public Library. Coincidently, those two libraries were two of only four libraries who brought me in to do live shows during the dark summer of 2020. I sense a little poetic justice there. Between May 25th and August 3rd, I performed 87 library shows at 81 libraries throughout the Midwest. That is a record amount of SRP shows for me and I am so grateful.

It's no secret that the summer of 2020 was horrible. 2021 seemed to be a rebuilding year and this year it was "Full Steam Ahead." I really enjoyed visiting both new and familiar libraries throughout Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota this summer. I put a lot of miles on my van (don't remind me about the price of gas this summer) and saw a lot of fun places along the way. In fact, I decided to start a YouTube video channel called "Backroads Tourist" to share some of the fun, offbeat and downright weird things I've seen while on my travels. I'd like to invite you to take a look if you enjoy that kind of stuff.

Work on the 2023 SRP show is already well underway. I'm still finetuning the show and I'm not sure what the title of the show will be, but I can assure you that it will fit perfectly with both the CSLP theme "All Together Now" and the iREAD theme "Find Your Voice".

Psssst....I'm already getting some emails from libraries for next summer. If there's a date you really, really want, get in touch with me soon.

Thanks again for making 2022 such a special summer for me.

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