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I Don't Think I'm In Kansas Anymore...For Awhile, Anyway.

I absolutely LOVE visiting new libraries and making new friends. For the past two days I've been doing both at five libraries in Kansas. Every year I do just one or two libraries in Kansas, but this year the Sunflower State libraries surprised me!

Coffey Co. Gridley Branch & Burlington Branch along with The Bradford Memorial Library in El Dorado, The Emporia Public Library and the Marion Public Library all had me entertain their guests. Next week I'm back for two shows at the Lawrence Public Library. Later this month, I'm heading to Kansas again for a show at the Centralia Public Library!

Several of the libraries I visited in the past two days have expressed an interest in having me back next year! Remember, if I can book several libraries in your area on the same day, I can offer all of the libraries a terrific discount.

I hope to visit my new Kansas friends again next summer!

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