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  • Library Magician, Jeff Quinn

We're Breaking A Record This Summer!

Every year I invest in new tricks to put together a brand-new Summer Reading Program. Normally, I spend about $1,000. But this year, I've set a new record. There is one trick that I just COULD NOT let pass me by. The price tag on the trick was $2,200. That's just for ONE trick, so you know it's got to be a great one! That brings my total investment for the 2018 Summer Reading Program to about $3,000.That's the most I've EVER spent on developing ANY show.

This new trick will more than likely be the closing trick in the show. In keeping with the music theme, I'm saying this is my "Heavy Metal" trick. In this trick, I will attempt to walk through a plate of solid steel right in front of the audience.When I first saw this trick, it blew me away, and I know your kids (and adults) will love it, too.

I've found that I usually get a bunch of libraries contacting me in March and April. I urge you to beat the rush and contact me TODAY to reserve a date and time for your library. It's going to be a fun and amazing show, don't miss out on it!


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