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Try It Before You Buy It!

As we get closer and closer to the beginning of Summer Reading Program season, more libraries are making the tough decision to go virtual again this summer. As I did last year, I'm once again offering a prerecorded Summer Reading Program show for libraries who are opting to go online for 2021.

I want to make sure that my show is a good fit for your programming, so I'm giving you a chance to take a look at the entire show before you make your decision. On Wednesday, April 28th, just go to the home page and you'll be able to view the show. There will be a short introduction to the show where I'll give you my pricing information, too.

When you watch the show, you'll notice that it mentions a few different books, including a biography of PT Barnum, Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic and books from the Kissing Hand series. There are also quite a few amazing animal facts sprinkled in throughout the show. Plus, the show contains two interactive tricks so that the viewers can actually participate in the show. On that note...when you watch, you'll want to have a piece of paper to write on , a pen or pencil to write with and perhaps a calculator, because one of the tricks involves just a little bit of simple math.

The price of the show is only $100 for the generic show or $150 for a customized show where I begin by mentioning your library and librarians.

For more information or to reserve the show for your library, drop me an e-mail at

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