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Thank You!

The title pretty much says it all. Because of you, I had a wonderful summer this year and I am so grateful.

62 shows at 51 libraries in 5 states is a vast improvement from 2020 when I performed for a grand total of 4 libraries (thanks, COVID). It felt SO good to get back out on the road and visit libraries across the Midwest. Not only did I get to visit libraries I've been to year after year, but I also went to a surprisingly large number of new libraries. It's so nice to make new friends.

Along with doing something I love for a living, another perk is that I get to visit some very interesting and wonderful places. This summer was no exception. Every day and every library was wonderful. Here are a few of the highlights of my summer travels:

  • I had some of the best pizza I've ever tasted in Lusk, Wyoming.

  • I performed for the Lemmon, SD Public Library and was captivated by this little town. They have an amazing petrified wood park, a wonderful museum AND I traveled a few miles South of Lemmon and turned onto a gravel road that led me to a memorial at the site where Hugh Glass was attacked by a Grizzly. I've always been fascinated by the Mountain Men and it was a thrill for me to visit the site.

  • I visited Faith, SD. A few miles out of town is the site where Sue, the most complete T-Rex fossil ever discovered was found.

  • I saw more Pronghorn Antelope than I could count, as well as prairie dogs, bison, deer and other native wildlife.

  • I GOT TO PERFORM AT THE CORN PALACE!!!! (Thanks Bismarck Public Library!)

Yes, this past summer was a blessing and I want to thank all of the librarians who forged ahead with Summer Reading Programs this summer. That being said, I certainly respect all of the librarians who opted to go virtual or not have a Summer Reading Program at all this year. We're still sort of in that grey area when it comes to COVID. Let's hope that next summer is a little lighter shade of grey.

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