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Plan "B" For 2021

At the time of this writing, we have the promise of a COVID-19 vaccine within a matter of weeks. And while some libraries are optimistically planning for next summer, Many are taking a "wait and see" attitude before committing to booking anyone or anything for 2021.

So, what IF things are still questionable this summer? Well, as mentioned before, there are no cancellation fees if you choose to cancel a booking due to COVID. If you choose to still have a live event, but want to employ social distancing, I can deliver a live show that requires no close contact with volunteers. Finally, I will offer a prerecorded SRP magic show just as I did for the 2020 Summer Reading Program. Nearly 50 libraries opted to go for this option in the summer of 2020. A customize introduction is added to help deliver a personalized feel to the video.

If a video is used for the 2021 Summer Reading Program, the cost will be a fraction of what a live show would be. The video would be uploaded to YouTube and your library would be send a link. YOU WOULD HAVE ACCESS TO THE VIDEO ALL SUMMER! Feel free to offer it to your guests as much or as little as you'd like.

In 2020, the video ran just over 30 minutes. Here's a look at what the video (and customized introduction) looked like: You'll notice that not only did the show work well with the Summer Reading Program theme, but it also allowed the viewers to actively participate in the show right at home.

We're all hoping for a sense of normalcy for the summer of 2021, but if things do follow the same path as 2020, I have you covered with plans for another great Summer Reading Program magic show!

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