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Great News!

It looks like we can end the final weeks of 2020 with a little hope in our hearts. I saw a news story today that said that if all goes well and enough Americans get the vaccine, we should see herd immunity by May.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Not only would that allow us to do a regular Summer Reading Program, but it would also give children and their parents a blessed sense of normalcy. I can't wait to fill your library with laughter and amazement in the summer.

My schedule is starting to fill up. In the past few weeks, I've scheduled 11 libraries throughout South Dakota as well as two libraries in North Dakota. At the end of this month or in early January, the Kansas Library virtual showcase I was involved in will be released to libraries throughout Kansas and I expect that will generate more than a few inquiries.

If your library has a certain date in mind, please get in touch with me as soon as possible so we can get you on the schedule. I'd hate to see your library shut out.

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