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I feel a little sheepish writing this blog entry because I suspect that most librarians are probably more well informed about this than I am.

I know that many times budgets are an issue when planning for Summer Reading Programs and sometimes the money just isn't there. Many libraries have told me that my show has been funded by donations from local businesses (whom I thank for their generosity after the show.) Of course, Friends of the Library are also instrumental and much appreciated. It wasn't until this week that I was told that my show was being funded by a grant from the Nebraska Arts Council. Not only was the grant enough to cover my fee for two shows, but also for 100 magic kits for children.

I've also heard that Wal-Mart and certain grocery store chains offer community grants. Many banks also invest in the community with grants.

Again, I'm no expert in this field, but I wanted to share what little I know in the hope that it might benefit you.

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