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Getting a Jump on 2022!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in three iREAD Summer Reading Program showcases across Iowa. Wednesday found me in Harlan; Thursday in Emmetsburg and Friday in Coralville, just outside of Iowa City. It was great to meet dozens of librarians as well as fellow performers from across the country.

So far, I've booked three dates from the showcases and I suspect there will be more coming. Several librarians told me they needed to talk to their directors as well as to other libraries in their area to try to get group pricing. Plus, the final show in Coralville was recorded so that libraries who couldn't attend the showcases can see what I have to offer.

Yesterday also signaled the beginning of the virtual showcase for South Dakota libraries. I haven't been contacted by any Dakota libraries yet, but my video has received dozens of views. I have a feeling that November is going to be a busy month for booking 2022 Summer Reading Program library shows!

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