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I'm so grateful that, as of today, 44 libraries have booked me for their Summer Reading Programs. Some of you have even booked me for two shows, and one library always books me for FOUR shows each summer (thank you, Keene Memorial Library). Adding everything together, that's 56 shows in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. Several other libraries are interested in having me, but are looking at their schedules. I'm predicting that this will be one of the busiest, if not THE busiest Summer Reading Program schedules I've ever had.


I do more than library shows during the summer. Child care centers are also a big part of my summer. I typically do over a dozen each year. I also do summer school shows, fairs, festivals, day camps and other events. Rarely do I have a day off between late May and mid August.

So, yes...there IS a lot of competition for calendar dates. But I want you to know that I do start marketing to libraries first. I want you to have every opportunity to bring me in on the date you want. Usually about mid April to early May I'll start marketing to child care centers and summer schools. This is why it's so important to get in touch with me as soon as possible. I LOVE doing Summer Reading Program shows and I'd hate to miss out on coming to your library because I'm already booked.

So, get in touch with me soon and let's schedule a date and time for your library!

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