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A New Kind of Showcasing

COVID-19 continues to affect us in ways that hadn't imagined. This fall, I was supposed to be appearing at Summer Reading Program showcases across Iowa and South Dakota. Instead, those two states are opting for online showcases this year. That means I'll be back in the studio producing an 8-10 minute promotional video for the 2021 Summer Reading Program "Reading Safari" magic show.

To be honest, this is both exciting and intimidating. I already have most of the tricks and routines I plan on doing next year, but performing them without an audience just won't be the same. If you've seen my show before, you know that I tend to interact with the audience quite a bit. Sometimes the kids will see something that I act like I don't see and they'll yell and point, or they'll laugh when things apparently go wrong and I show my mock frustration. In short, I include my audience in the show, and an audience-less video just doesn't capture the fun generated by that interaction.

Still, it WILL give you a nice insight into what I'm planning for next summer. I'm hoping to have the video completed within a month and I plan on posting the video on this website.

But wait...there's more!

While many performers may be trimming things down for next year to try to adjust for lost income this year, I'm planning on doing just the opposite. I'm adding something to the 2021 show that will make it even bigger and a better experience for your guests. More details will be coming in the next few weeks.

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