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A First For Me!

Having done magic professionally since 1991, there isn't too much I haven't done yet. I've performed fo

r "normal" venues like libraries, schools, company parties, birthday parties, etc. and I've performed for unusual events, too. I've done shows at a funeral; a dog's birthday party and 100th birthday parties.

Over the course of the last 30 years, I've performed in all different kinds of venues across the United States as well as in Central America, England and Australia. From the backs of flatbed trucks to multi-million dollar homes...I've seen it all.

But I've never performed in Wyoming. That is, until this summer. I'm happy to say that this summer when I'm doing my library Summer Reading Program swing through the Nebraska Panhandle, I'm going to sneak over the border and perform for the Niobrara Co. Library in Lusk, Wyoming. That brings the total number of states I'll be visiting this summer to 6. It also ups my tally to 54 Summer Reading Program shows at 41 libraries on the schedule.

I'm still 20 shows behind where I wound up last year, but I hope as things settle down, more libraries will make the call to go ahead with live SRP activities this summer.

I hope you and yours are well.

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