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Fairy Tale Magic For Older Children

The 2020 Summer Reading Program theme presents a unique challenge for me. I'm sure many librarians have sensed it as well. How to you make a "Fairy Tale" Summer Reading Program theme appealing to older children?

It's not easy..but it's not impossible, either. The first thing I concentrate on is having strong magic tricks. Tricks that will baffle both young and old. Next, I have to not only create a plan to deliver those tricks in a way that coincides with the theme, but I also have to do it in a smart way. I need to make sure that older children don't feel like they're watching "little kid magic". Fortunately, I have a talent for doing this. I think you'll be amazed at how the entire audience is amazed with the trick I'll be doing to a "Three Little Pigs" theme. And I can assure you that children of all aged AND adults will be wowed by a routine inspired by King Midas.

If you've had me at your library before, you know that I put on an entertaining show for all ages, and I take great care in putting together a show where 4 year-olds will have a great time, but older kids and adults won't feel like they're being talked down to. I'm also planning on including a trick or two with a Harry Potter twist, which I feel is still within the genre of Fairy Tales.

A lot of thought, planning and customizing goes into my Summer Reading Program each year, but that's what I need to do to provide you and your guests with the best possible magic show I can deliver.

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