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Halfway Point!

Wow! Part of me can't believe that the Summer Reading Program season is half over! I've had so much fun bringing the "Libraries Rock" summer reading program magic show to libraries in Nebraska, Iowa, North & South Dakota. The show has changed over the last month of so. Some tricks have been removed only to be replaced with other tricks and performances have been honed.

And evidently, people are liking the show! Several libraries are reporting record attendance numbers. 515 people in Scottsbluff. Over 300 in Blair. The Keene Memorial Library had to move all four of my shows from their meeting room to the City Auditorium. Unfortunately, some people had to be turned away at one or two libraries.

The press has been very kind to the show too! It got rave reviews in newspapers in both Scottsbluff and Fremont!

In the next month I'll be performing at all of the libraries in Lincoln as well as Nebraska City, Omaha and other libraries across Nebraska before winding the season up in Syracuse.

By the way...some libraries have ALREADY booked me for next year, so if there's a date you want, PLEASE get in touch with me as soon as possible.

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