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Heading West

I've told my wife that this summer she has to just assume she still has a husband, because she's not going to be seeing very much of me. As my schedule starts to fill up, I find myself traveling greater distances. Just today, I booked my 57th (I think) library of the summer in Lexington, Nebraska.

I first peformed at the Lexington Public Library several years ago when it was in it's older, smaller building. The library had that old charm and "old library smell" that I relish. A few years later they built a beautiful new building that serves the community even better. I feel fortunate to have performed in both buildings. It's wonderful to see a library grow like this.

Lexington fills out a week that is going to require a lot of traveling for me. That Monday, I'm in Omaha. Tuesday I go to Mason City and Charles City, Iowa. Wednesday it's South to Sabetha, Kansas. Thursday it's waaaaay West to Lexington before coming back for a show in Bellevue on Friday. The following week I go to North Dakota.

Does it sound like I'm complaining? I certainly hope not. I love what I do and I actually enjoy driving. But somebody please tell my wife that the rumors are true...she really does still have a husband.

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