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Thank you Gretna Public Library

Sometimes I sit back and wonder "what am I doing right???" Librarians from three states have been keeping me busy booking magic shows for the 2015 Summer Reading Program.

Recently, Gretna Public Library put me over a major milestone. They are the 50th library to book me for this summer. To put this in perspective, I have NEVER booked 50 libraries before. In fact, I think that last year my final count was 45 shows at 35 different libraries. Right now I'm at 62 shows at 50 libraries. I still have some dates left open, and I can only hope that the tally will grow! A 60 library season would be FANTASTIC!!!

Another thing that amazes me is that I'm getting several new libraries booking me. Gretna, Nebr.; Logan, Ia. & Avoca, Ia., just to name a few. I always enjoy going to new libraries and meeting new people.

That being said...I also cherish the libraries that have me back year after year. Many librarians have become my friends and it's fun for me to see them again and catch up on what they've been doing and how their lives are going.

It's going to be a fun summer and I can't wait to start performing at libraries again!

Thank you for allowing me to do that.

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