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Next Summer is Filling Up!


One of the common misconceptions is that since I'm an Omaha magician, I only perform in Omaha. Nothing could be further from the truth! Recent months have seen me performing in Denver, Wisconsin and Las Vegas. Coming up next year I already have travel plans for Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Northern Wisconsin and a cruise from Seattle to Alaska.

Libraries frequently ask me how far I'll travel. I have no limits to my range. Two years ago I performed at several libraries in North Dakota. I've also performed my Summer Reading Program show at libraries throughout Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Kansas. If I can get enough libraries in a certain area, I'm happy to make the trip.

My bookings for next summer are off to a fast start! My "regular" libraries know that they need to book me early to get the dates they want. There are even some libraries (you know who you are) who book me right after my show for the following year.

Don't wait any longer. Call me today at (402) 339-6726 and reserve your ideal date!

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