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Being Thankful

I am always thankful. I take very few things for granted. There are several special days out of the year when I am more grateful than others though. Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, Father's Day and, of course, Easter. I always take time on these holidays to reflect on the blessings I've been given.

My family is healthy. I have a wonderful wife and dear friends. I've never been tempted to go down any paths that would lead to addictions or a police record. I've kept my sense of humor and, I believe, my sense of decency. I have been given amazing opportunities and I have seized them with gusto. I have my Faith and I have a clean conscience.

And I have my profession.

Mark Twain said, "The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation." This has always been on of my favorite quotes. I find it to be true. For nearly 14 years I have been making a living as a full-time magician and hypnotist and a lot of my success is because of library Summer Reading Programs.

Each year I get the honor of entertaining thousands of children and parents at libraries in Nebraska, Iowa and throughout the Midwest. I always work hard to bring you the best possible show not just because my job depends on it, but also because I really, really love it.

So after my show, when I've packed everything away and I'm heading to the door, please know that when I say "Thank you for having me", it's not something said lightly. I really do appreciate you having me at your library.

It's because of you that I am a success.

Thank you.

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