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What Age Groups Are Best Suited For My Magic Show?

When I look out at the audience at one of my Library Summer Reading Program shows, I see a wide range of ages. It runs from infants in strollers to great-grandparents. Fortunately, my magic show appeals to a wide range of people.

Let's be honest...the infants and toddlers may not get much out of the show. Their attention span is usually limited and they're too young to have formed the concept of "magic". However, some of the older toddlers may enjoy the bright colors and funny things that always happen in my magic show.

4 to about 12-year olds really tend to enjoy my shows the most. They have a great time, then understand the magic, they follow storylines and they get the jokes.

Once you get into the teens though, something changes (any parent of a teen will tell you that!) At this age, it's "not cool" to be fooled. I frequently see teens whispering to their friends that they know how a trick is done (even when they don't). This is where I use psychology to win them over. In my presentations, I don't present my tricks as a challenge. I don't have the attitude of "Hey, I'm smarter than you." or "Look what I can do, but you can't". Instead, I just present it as smart fun and that usually draws them in.

I've found that if I'm appearing at a new library, the adults tend to walk in expecting to be bored. I love seeing their faces light up when they find themselves being entertained along with their children. I hope that when they're in the car driving home after the show, they're laughing and talking about the show.

Then there's the grandparents and great-grandparents. It seems to me that they particularly enjoy watching their grandchildren have a fun time. I enjoy every compliment I get about my show, but I REALLY cherish the compliments I get from grandparents.

By the way, I'm still booking libraries for the "Fizz, Boom, Read" Summer Reading Program. If you're a Midwestern librarian, I hope you'll consider me for your library. The majority of my SRP magic shows are in Nebraska and Iowa, but I'm willing to go to North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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