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My Other Reading Magic Show

I really love being able to promote reading with my magic shows for library Summer Reading Programs, but I also offer a reading-themed magic show to schools during the school year.

My school show is a bit more elaborate than the magic shows I do for libraries during the summer. The "Magic of Reading" school magic show includes a large backdrop, big sound system, set decorations and a 12-foot long magic wand. It takes roughly an hour for me to get the show set up and about half an hour to get things torn down and loaded away.

Every trick in the "Magic of Reading" show involves reading in some way or another. It could be tricks with books, newspapers or magazines. Or, it could be tricks that utilize the alphabet. The final trick requires my audience assistant to actually read the instructions of a trick out loud as we perform the trick. Because of certain pre-planned mistakes, the trick goes wrong and some very funny and amazing things start to happen.

This trick is always popular during "Read Across America Week", but I also gets calls for this show throughout the school year.

If you know any elementary school teachers, librarians, principals or PTA/PTO members who might be interested in an assembly that promotes reading, I'd really appreciate it if you'd give them my number or other contact information.

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