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Summer Reading Program Themes

I'm going to state right from the beginning that I LOVE Summer Reading Program themes. Not only do they give me a sense of direction, but they also let me hone my creativity.

My favorite Summer Reading Program themes have been ones that have been somewhat specific. Themes like "Catch the Reading Bug" and "Paws, Claws, Scales & Tales" were easy to work with. Less specific ones like "Be Creative @ Your Library" and "Laugh It Up @ Your Library" were harder for me. They gave me almost too much freedom.

"Fizz, Boom, Read" falls somewhere in the middle. The "Fizz" part tends to suggest some sort of chemical reaction or spewing liquid. If I did that at your library, I'm sure I wouldn't be invited back again. The "Boom" segment really made me think. I take great care to make sure my shows don't have any loud noises in them. If I even pull out a balloon and start blowing it up, I see children putting their fingers in their ears. For some children, a popping balloon is a scary thing. I don't want to have scared childen at my show.

So, how do you have a Fizz, Boom, Read magic show without messy fizzing or loud booming? You'll have to wait until this summer to find out. I can promise you that the show will have a fun scientific theme and promote reading. There will be lots of audience participation (have your cameras ready). There's also going to be humor that appeals both to children and adults. Oh yeah, there's also going to be all-new magic.

I'm having a lot of fun with the new Summer Reading Program theme and I think that you and your guests will really enjoy it.

Are there any science-themed books you'd like to have me promote during my show? Let me know.

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