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Meet the Latest Addition to the Show!

I had planned on doing this for the 2020 Summer Reading Program show, but...well, we all know what happened there. So, I'm looking ahead to 2021! Next summer, I plan on upping my game by adding this wonderful customized backdrop to my show. I think it will add yet another element of excitement to the Summer Reading Program show and give your guests a better experience.

The backdrop is 8 feet high by 10 feet wide and about a foot deep. If there are space limitations in the performing area and the backdrop won't fit, we could always put it in another part of the library. Of course, this will add a little bit of time to my set-up and tear-down time. Normally it takes me 10-15 minutes, but next year I'm predicting it will take about 20 minutes to get everything ready to go and about the same amount of time to take everything down.

But wait...there's more! I'm hoping to have my new promo video ready to go by mid-September. This promo video isn't for the general's just for libraries just to give you a taste of what you can expect from the new show. I'll let you know when it's finished. I also have another little surprise planned before next summer. As you can see, I'm going all-out for the 2021 Summer Reading Program magic show. Contact me soon to reserve a spot for your library!

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