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G'day From Down Under

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

This past three weeks has been crazy and wonderful! I just returned from an incredible trip to Australia and I'm still fighting jet lag. A 30+ hour trip from Perth isn't a walk in the park. Plus, due to the International Date Line, I actually arrived in Los Angeles a few hours before I left Australia. THAT will mess with your mind, too!

While I was gone, I had very limited access to the internet and NO access to my home phone, but I tried responding to as many libraries and schools as I could online. I really appreciate the patience that so many librarians had as I sometimes had to wait days to respond to messages. Still, all's well that ends well and I managed to fill a few more slots for this summer. As of right now, I'm scheduled to do 66 shows at 51 libraries in 4 states. I'm so thrilled that many of those libraries will be having me for the first time and several are having me back after an absence of a year or two.

I learned a few things on my trip that I'd like to share with you. If you ever visit Australia, these will help you.

1. You will want to try Vegemite and you won't like it when you do. DO NOT SPREAD IT ON LIKE JELLY. Just a thin covering is more than enough.

2. Kangaroos don't like to be scratched on the head or back. The love being scratched on the chest.

3. Lots of people in Tasmania believe the Tasmanian Tiger isn't extinct.

4. If you order coffee with cream, you may get a funny look. Order a "white coffee."

You're welcome.

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