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A Wild AND Colorful 2021!!!

Most libraries I work with tend to go with the CSLP theme each summer. However, this year, Iowa libraries are opting to embrace the iREAD theme, "Reading Colors Your World." So that means that not only will I be offering a magic show that fits in with the "Tails and Tales" theme, but I'll also be doing a VERY colorful show for libraries in the Hawkeye State.

Both shows will contain lots of audience participation, family friendly humor and amazing magic. They'll both run about 40-45 minutes and the prices will be the same.

Speaking of Iowa...I've been told that I need to submit my promo video for their virtual showcase by the end of the week, so I'm assuming their virtual showcase is coming up pretty quickly. I expect to fill a few dates with Iowa libraries over the next few weeks.

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