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  • Midwest Magician Jeff Quinn

A Sneak Peek at Summer 2018

Now it's starting to get fun! The 2018 Summer Reading Program magic show is coming together beautifully! I always put together more routines than I could possibly use and then weed some out so that you get only the best.

This summer I'll take the kids back in time to when we would ride our wooly mammoths to the store to buy these things called "records." I have a FANTASTIC magic routine with four records that will amaze both children and adults. Then I'm going to break out my bagpipes! Well, it's a bag with pipes in it. This is where several volunteers will use the pipes to play the most often sung song in the world! I'm also setting a record by spending the most money I've ever spent on a single trick. This $2,200 illusion is definitely a "heavy metal" trick.

And that's just the beginning. Who knows what will be added in the next four months? It's going to be a show your guests will be talking about all summer long!

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