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When Things Go Wrong

My heart sank the other day when I read the headline in the Omaha World Herald. Evidently, someone was injured during a hypnosis show at the Omaha Funny Bone Comedy Club and now the person is suing. As a stage hypnotist myself, I always use extreme caution when doing a show. But, sometimes things happen.I've had people fall off chairs, say off-color things and do things that were somewhat questionable in taste. Bear in mind that I NEVER led them to do these things...they did them of their own accord. I've often described being hypnotized as similar to being intoxicated. For many people, inhibitions are lowered. In the dozen or so years I've been hypnotizing people, I've never had anyone hurt or been the subject of a lawsuit.

But, as I mentioned, things DO happen.

During a magic show, someone could trip while coming on stage or someone could injure themselves while grabbing one of my props. I'm well-aware of this and I always take precautions. I tend to choose volunteers who are excited, but not TOO excited. I make sure all cords and cables are covered or out of the way. I always help people on and off the stage. You'll also notice that I NEVER do any tricks that involve danger, fire, guns, etc.

I also carry liability insurance. Many performers don't feel the need, but I know that there's always a chance that something could go wrong and I don't want to put myself or your library at risk of being sued.

I think it's just a smart thing to do.

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