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  • Jeff Quinn

Veteran's Day

A couple of years ago I experienced something that I'll never forget. It was early July, 2013 and I was at the Society of American Magicians Convention in Washington DC. I've been a proud member of the S.A.M. for over 20 years, but I've never been prouder than I was that day.

President Christopher Bontjes and President-elect Dal Sanders laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

I watched as the crowd fell silent. My friends solemnly placed the wreath at the tomb and then a soldier played Taps. Afterwards, my friends turned and walked back into the crowd. There was no applause. No cheering. No jokes or laughter. If I had a to describe it, I would say that it was humbling. I think everyone felt that way.

For the rest of the convention, nobody talked about it as being a "cool" thing to do. We didn't high-five one another for doing it. We were all humbly honored to be given the opportunity to say "Thank you" to those who had payed the ultimate price.

Perhaps this blog entry would have been more appropriate on Memorial Day. But I chose today because just as I honored those brave soldiers who are at rest at Arlington, I also wanted to honor the brave soldiers who walk among us today.

Last summer we had a Super Hero Summer Reading Program theme. Our veterans and those who still serve our country are the real heroes.

Thank you.

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