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  • Jeff Quinn, Midwest Magician

Let the Fun Begin!

This is where things start to get hectic...and fun! I'm just about 1 month away from my first library show. It all kicks off at 10 a.m. in Carter Lake, Iowa, followed quickly by a 2 p.m. show at the Wayne Public Library in Wayne, Nebraska.

My show is all put togeher, now I'm rehearsing, looking at the order of the tricks, blocking the show, testing electronics, ordering costuming, customizing and about a hundred different other things that nobody but me would think about. Not many people realize the multiple hours of preparation that goes into putting together a new show. I've always admired professinal performers who make their show look effortless. Trust me...a lot of effort went into making it appear effortless. I know.

So, for the next month I'll be polishing, re-arranging, practicing and putting on finishing touches. I can't wait to get this show into the libraries. It's going to be a lot of fun!

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