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  • Omaha magician, Jeff Quinn

Safety First

Believe it or not, there's more to my job than meets the eye. There are some things I do that many people aren't aware of...but they should be.

First of all, let's talk about insurance. Many magicians and other entertainers don't think it's necessary to spend a couple hundred dollars per year for good liability insurance. That's not how I think. Fortunately, I've never had too file a claim, but I think carrying liability insurance is the right thing to do. Not only does it protect me, but it protects you, too.

Those of you who have hired me year after year know that I don't do "danger tricks" in my show. I don't do tricks that involve fire, knives, guns, razor blades or any other types of dangerous props. I also don't do tricks that might injure a child if they tried to imitate the trick. As a performer and as a father, I am appalled when I see a magician doing dangerour tricks in a children's show.

And speaking of children...

As a leader in the Society of Young Magicians, it was mandatory that I submit to a background check. The Society of Young Magicians puts the safety of young people first. Needless to say, I passed the background check (as did the other two leaders in the Omaha Assembly of the Society of Young Magicians).

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