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I'm Baaaaaaack!

Hi Everyone!

I'm so sorry about the lull in my blog posts. To say that this summer was busy would be an understatement!

You guys really kept this Omaha magician busy this past summer. It was such a pleasure to visit with so many of you. It really is like seeing friends that I only get to see once or twice per year. It was also fun to make new library friends. Each year I add a handful of new libraries to my schedule and I keep my fingers crossed that they'll have me back year after year.

This summer was also monumental for me because I was elected the National First Vice President of the Society of American Magicians. If all goes well, I will beome the President of the S.A.M. in the summer of 2016. This is the same office that Harry Houdini held until his death. To top things off, not only will I be the FIRST S.A.M. President from Nebraska, but I will also hold the distinction of being the 100th President. That's quite an honor.

This summer did have it's down moments too. At the end of June I lost a very dear friend of mine and fellow magician to cancer. My friend, Alex was 11. I was honored to be both a pallbearer and to perform the "Broken Wand" ceremony for Alex. The Broken Wand ceremony is a ritual that magicians do for fellow magicians who have passed away.

From what you've been telling me, the "Fizz, Boom, Read" magic show was a success!. I had a lot of fun both creating and performing it. Now I'm starting to look forward to next summer. I already have several tricks set aside for the Hero theme. It's going to be fun!

Thanks again for making it possible for me to actually make a living doing what I do. I feel so blessed and am so grateful.

I promise not to take so long before my next blog post.

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