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Connecting Magic With Your Summer Reading Program Theme

Believe it or not, the art of magic is firmly grounded in scientific pricipals. That why magic is a wonderful addition to your Fizz, Boom, Read Summer Reading Program schedule. Of course, my magic show this year will have a scientific theme, but there are other ways you can use magic this year to keep your library patrons active.

Optical illusions are the first thing that come to my mind. These drawings trick your eyes and trick your brain. If you want to have a great craft activity, you can make a wonderful optical illusion dragon. Here is where you can print out the template,

I would recommend printing it out on a little bit heavier seems to hold up better that way. And if you want to see what the dragon illusion looks like, go here:

If you have movie nights, I'd like to recommend a couple of movies that do a splendid job meshing magic and science. Hugo is great for all ages and tells the story of magician-turned-filmmaker Georges Melies. It's a beautiful film that's ideal for all ages.

One of my favorite magic movies is The Prestige. It has a pretty complicated plot that I think would be more suited for adults. It's a period piece and shows how magicians use science and technology to their advantage. It also features David Bowie playing the role of scientist Nikola Tesla.

Magic uses many scientific principles and elements. You'll find magicians using chemistry, mathematics, psychology and engineering during their shows. Magic is much more than just a passive hobby, it can be highly educational, too.

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