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Why I Dislike Outdoor Shows

Whenever I have someone tell me that they want me to do an outdoor performance for them, I cringe a little bit. There are numerous factors that get thrown into the mix when I do an outdoor show. Most of them are beyond my control and most of them can very easily lead to me giving you a performance that it less than top-notch.

Heat, wind, rain and severe weather are the problems that first come to mind. But also consider the problems caused by mosquitoes, bees and other insects as well as general distractions like cars driving by and planes flying overhead. Also, just because of the nature of the trick, there are some tricks I just can't perform outdoors. Then there's the issue of sound. Even though I can use a battery-powered sound system, sometimes the acoustics are horrible.

So, what are you supposed to do? There are going to be too many people for your activity room. Well, my first answer sounds totally self-serving. Hire me for more than one show on the same day. I can almost always give you a better price per show if you have me for two or more shows. I have several libraries who hire me each year for several shows. One even has me for four shows in one day!

But, I understand that sometimes budgets don't allow for additonal shows, so here area few other options for you. Over the years as a library performer, I have performed in all of these locations:

The basement of a bank; a VFW Hall; a banquet hall; a school auditorium; a community center; the recreation room of a senior center; a fire dept. garage; a city council chamber and a church hall.

And yes, I've performed outdoors before and I probably will again. But please remember, that due to circumstances beyond my control, an outdoor show may not be the best quality show that I'm capable of doing for you.

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