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Upcoming Summer Reading Program Themes

April 12, 2014

Every year the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) chooses a theme for a Summer Reading Program several years down the road.  The minute I find out what the theme is, my mind goes to work.  I actually have a notebook designed especially for library ideas.  By working years in advance, I can collect a ton of ideas and then weed through them until I am left with only the very best.  I love it.


This year, of course, is "Fizz, Boom, Read."  I've chosen to go with a scientific theme.  There are lots of places for comedy in the show when experiments "go wrong".  There are also lots of opportunities to promote reading and using the library.


In 2015, the theme is "Every Hero Has a Story."  You know, I have a lot of interesting ideas about this theme too, but I don't want to spill the beans just yet because I know that other magicians read this blog and I just don't want to have my original ideas stolen.  Let's just say that the show will feature LOTS of heroes...and not all of them will be wearing capes.


The 2016 theme has just been announced.  Since 2016 is an Olympic year, the CSLP decided to go with a Sports theme.  "On Your Mark, Get Set, Read"  


The newly-announced 2017 CSLP theme really has me excited.  "Building A Better World." Wow...there are soooo many directions I could go with that theme.  Luckily, I have a few years to jot down ideas in my notebook and see how that show developes.  


Thanks again to all of the libraries who have hired me over the years to be the magician at their Summer Reading Programs.  And special thanks to all of you who keep having me back year after year.  It's because of you that I keep pushing myself to come up with new, unique and entertaining magic shows each summer.  


And thanks to the Collaborative Summer Library Program for providing me with such wonderful and inspirational themes each year.

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