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Oh, No. Not Again!!!

I'm sure many of you are thinking the same thing. We've just learned about the existence of Omicron variant and we're all wondering what's going to happen next.

In the upcoming days and weeks, I'm sure we'll learn more about this new variant and how it functions and what it means for us. Right now we don't know how it will interact with our current vaccines; if it's more or less dangerous than Delta or how widespread it already is. There are a vast amount of things we don't know about the new variant on the block and it's concerning.

Once again there is a big question mark looming on near future. You'd think we'd be used to the uncertainty, but we aren't. An although in the grand scheme of things it may be a trivial concern, I do want to let you know that IF we find ourselves in another virtual Summer Reading Program situation again in 2022, I will be producing a new pre-recorded Summer Reading Program magic show for you.

While I continue to hope for the best, I've already started sketching out what the show might look like. If the situation gets worse, I will plan on recording it after the first of the year.

Stay safe and keep your fingers crossed!

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