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Every year about this time, I start to feel bad about something. Usually by the end of April my summer starts to get pretty booked up. Not only am I performing at about 50 libraries, but I'm also appearing at fairs, festivals, child care centers, summer schools, birthday parties and corporate events.

And it's always about mid-May when I get a few calls from libraries asking if I'm open on certain dates. Unfortunately, I almost never am. I try my best to find alternate dates that might work, but I know many libraries have set times on set days of the week. Please understand that I would LOVE to perform for your guests, but my availability is pretty limited this time of year. Your chances of getting me for the date and time you want are much better if you contact me in December or January.

That being said, I DO still have a few open spots this summer. If you're still looking for a great event for your Summer Reading Program, get in touch with me! Who knows, the planets might be aligned and I just may be available.

This summer will find me performing at libraries all around the Midwest. I'll be visiting both of the Dakotas,Iowa, Kansas and (of course) Nebraska. I'm especially happy to announce that I'll be performing at several new libraries this year! From Scottsbluff to Rapid City and from Clarks to Palmer, I'm looking forward to dazzling all-new audiences.

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