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  • Award-winning Magician, Jeff Quinn

Let's Rock Your Library!

Wow. I have a feeling that the 2018 Summer Reading Program season is going to be fun for all of us! I'm putting together all of my new tricks and routines and I'm so excited with the show that's under development. The show will have lots of music-related tricks and routines along with brand-new, fun audience participation segments.

As of today, about 2 dozen libraries have already put me on their schedules for next summer. Many of them have me for multiple shows. If you'd like to bring me in to your library, I'd like to encourage you to call or e-mail me soon with the date or dates that would work best for you. Plenty of good dates are still available, but I'm getting calls and e-mails every week.

It's going to be a great summer, I hope to see you at your library!

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