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I'm a Proud Nebraska Magician

As a National Officer in the Society of American Magicians, I get to communicate with magicians from all over the country and many of them have the idea that Nebraska and Iowa are just one big cornfield. Well, last week I got to showcase our area a little bit.

Our local magic club, the Omaha Magical Society, has their Wizard's Banquet every year about this time. It's a night of fun, great food and magic. For the past several years the National Officers of the Society of American Magicians have been our honored guests at this event. This year we were pleased to have Ice McDonald, the S.A.M. President from California and David Bowers, the President-elect from Pennsylvania. When they got here, I wanted to show them that our area was something worth bragging about.

The day they flew in, we all went back to my house where they were shown some of our famous Midwestern Hospitality. Then it was off to a local steakhouse so they could learn what real steak tastes like. The next morning, after a quick television interview, I took them to Omaha's Pride and Joy...the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Now, coming from California, Ice was sure that the San Diego Zoo was the best zoo in the world, but after we were done, he had to admit that Omaha had them beat. After a few hours at the zoo, we got some great barbecue and then spent the evening mingling with other Omaha and Lincoln magicians.

The banquet went well and everybody had a great time.

Both of them told me that they had a new appreciation for both Omaha and Nebraska. Had they been able to spend more time iwth us, I'm sure that we could have given them an even more favorable impression.

Many people assume that it's impossible for a person to make a living as a magician in Nebraska. Well, thanks to you and others, I've proven that it is possible. I've been making a living as a full-time magician in the Midwest since 2000. I perform over 300 shows per year and a good chunk of those shows are for libraries like yours.

So, thank you...for letting me do what I love for a living.

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