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An Example of How I Customize My Show For The Summer Reading Program

In yesterday's blog entry, I talked about building my show around the Summer Reading Program Theme. Here's a video that illustrates what I'm talking about. This video was taken by an audience member in 2010 at the Council Bluffs, Iowa Public Library. The theme that year was "Make A Splash-READ!" So, I was determined that all of my tricks would have something to do with water in some way or another.

In this clip, I'd like to point out a couple of other nuances. You'll notice that the covering for my table is blue with sort of a wavy design. It reminded me of water the first time I saw it, so I used it in my show. It's also sort of hard to see on the video, but the shirt I'm wearing is a Hawaiian shirt with lots of fish on it. Again, the water theme comes into play. Finally, the trick itself is with an umbrella. Of course, the connection with water here is evident.

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